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Employee Engagement
from Day One

YOW automates employee onboarding, enablement, and personal development to help your business grow faster.

Onboarding Training Personal Development

Can Be Easy.

Onboarding is tedious for the business and overwhelming for new hires.

Employees deserve a smooth integration into a company and businesses want to quickly grow their talent.

We are here to help.


Use code-free automation to onboard new employees and create a
content flow for your team.


Share knowledge, company information, and training material in engaging formats. Conduct quizzes and surveys to gauge team alignment.

Personal Development

Support employee personal development by providing personalized, professional content to help them grow within your company.

Turn Your Company’s Information Into a Scalable Learning Experience

Create scalable content ready
to onboard and train new hires

Concentrate all of the data and
resources of your company in one place

Provide career development resources
to support and retain your employees

Your business grows with your people

Easy To Use Builder

Drag and drop easy building blocks to personalize
each employee’s journey

No-Code Automation

Automate flows with options such as activity, trigger, click, branch, and more

Flow Configuration

Set processes in advance with dynamic assignees, establish triggers on relative days, automatic emails, check lists, approvals chains, and more.