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Meet Your AI Business Partner​

Hermi is YOW’s AI business partner. He is highly intelligent, resourceful, quick, and always strives for the optimal outcome. Hermi has vast KPI knowledge, various ideas for OKRs and is known for his quick wit.


Utilize Hermi superpowers

Hermi’s superpowers are reading and processing information. He is able to go over mass loads of information analyzes it and provides you with incredible insights.

AI Powered Assistant

Save time with the best goals assistant

Hermi, our AI assistant, saves you time by providing suggestions for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound objectives and key-results.

Dynamic Conversations

Use technology to understand people

Hermi’s data analysis helps you to better understand your team members and allows you to shift your focus to individual management. Rather than placing emphasis on processes, you will be able to concentrate on building personal relationships with each person.


Inspire your team in a data-driven environment​

Hermi helps you to create an inspiring work environment for your team by providing insights and data-driven strategies to improve motivation, engagement, and productivity. Lead your team by utilizing AI tools to help them reach their full potential and drive organization toward success.