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We summarized our answers to common questions users had asked us. 

If you are looking for answers prior to signing up – this is where you might find it. 

Didn’t find an answer? Try writing us at wishes@yow-hr.com

For teams up to 10 members, YOW is free!

We will support your small business from early stages, and whenever you scale to more than 10 members, we’ll start charging.

If you’re team is smaller than 10 people, then you can use YOW for free.

YOW platform is the most intuitive and user-friendly HRIS.

YOW covers all your people’s needs in one easy-to-use platform. 

From employees database, reports and insights, onboarding and offboarding, Journeys, performance reviews, learning and more!

In YOW HR, we take data security and availability extremely seriously. That’s why we are dedicated to providing a highly secure and reliable environment you can trust.

We put security measures and maintain policies and procedures to comply with required data security legislation, and we continue to take all the necessary measures to improve our information security level in order to meet industry best practice standards.