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Get your team members on board with the company's mission. ​

Track and collaborate on goals at all levels of the organization to ensure alignment, accountability, and transparency across the company.​


Implement adaptable goal-setting processes

Efficiently monitor your organization's objectives by implementing recurring goal cycles with predefined deadlines, regardless of the method or framework utilized. This will reduce unnecessary administrative tasks and foster progress.

Goals Transparency

Ensure alignment

& transparency

Effectively connect individual, team, and company objectives, highlighting ownership and achieving success by providing a clear understanding of the relationship between different goals.


Track goals progress

Enhance accountability throughout the organization by utilizing goal check-ins dashboards and real-time progress timelines that can be filtered by owner and team. This will help to keep stakeholders informed and provide a clear understanding of progress and status of goals.


Integrate your Goals to Issues

Maintain a record of issues being addressed or completed in relation to your goals to ensure that daily tasks align with the overall strategy. This will help to ensure that the organization's efforts are directed towards achieving the goals and the progress towards them can be tracked